prey stories

Our little dog Ted did not enjoy his biscuits. We tried lots of different premium dry foods. We tried putting hot water in them. We tried everything. He would sniff and walk away. He would eat one or two biscuits at a time and then walk away. I would tell people this was normal for these little dogs. We switched him to raw food after seeking advice on how to do this properly.

To begin with, he would eat it slowly and deliberately. He would leave the tripe to one side. We fed him outside because he made a bit of a mess!

Now he is a different dog. He is in optimal condition. He loves his raw food. He bounces around in the kitchen at exactly the time he thinks is meal time. It is so nice to see him enjoying his raw food so much!

- David

Sylvie is just over 3 years old. She turned up on our deck as a 6 week old (we think) feral kitten. Since then she has not been known for her social skills.

However since enjoying the Prey diet for the last few weeks, she has become much more friendly, actively seeking us out to rub against - almost a different cat.  This behaviour doesn’t yet extend to visitors, but we live in hope!

- Chris & Mike

After years of trying (and failing) to get Sammie to lose weight with regular diet biscuits I decided to get in touch with Natasha at Prey and give raw food a go. Natasha set me up a tailored weight loss program and we haven't looked back!

Prey offers a wide variety of food so we had plenty of options available. On raw food Sammie is a new cat - he is active, happy, lighter and most of all a whole lot healthier!

- Jenna

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At Prey we are passionate about sharing with you the benefits of having your pets fed on an appropriate prey diet. A diet that they were designed to eat.