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At Prey, we are passionate about sharing with you the benefits of having your pets fed on an appropriate raw food diet.  A diet that they were designed to eat.

We use New Zealand owned companies who supply us with 100% locally sourced meat. (We are helping NZ become predator-free in the process!) Our mission is to optimise the health of your pets and help them live longer and healthier lives. We believe here at Prey that our pets should be eating yummy, nutritious, unprocessed, locally sourced raw food. Our own pets agree!

Come and have a chat to us about switching to real food for your pets. 

Each pet can get an individually designed meal plan with continued follow ups.  Customers will also have access to our veterinary trained staff to answer any questions they may have about their meal plans.


happy, healthy, yummy. why raw? why not!

why raw pet food?

My passion for raw prey model feeding came about for me after having multiple health issues with my now 13 year old Australian Kelpie. Itchy feet, red & inflamed ears & constant anal gland problems.

I gave raw feeding a try after being educated by a good friend of mine on the essentials necessary to making a raw diet balanced & nutritious. After 12 years I haven’t looked back - gone are the itchy feet & sore ears, & how nice is it not to have a constant regime of anal gland expressing! The benefits have been life changing.

Moshi my now 18 month old cross breed has also been on raw food since to came to me as a 12 week old rescue with a broken leg.  Loving life & loving her raw diet.


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